Monday, January 14, 2013

This Weeks Featured Author....Vivien Sparx Day 1

*Contains content only suitable for adults 18yrs and older.
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Blurb:  When Renee decides the only way she can save her relationship with a hurtful boyfriend is to become submissive, she enlists the expertise of a dark and brooding master.  However, Renee’s training soon has her falling for her master Stefan, and as she becomes immersed in the spellbinding erotic world of domination, Renee realizes she’s infatuated with a man who remains mysteriously out of reach; a man who refuses to be loved.  Behind Stefan’s cold, remote façade is a man dealing with his own past and his own pain.  ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ is an intense emotional romance story filled with passion, conflict, and steamy erotica!

My review: The blurb tells you more than enough.  A hot, steamy, can't put it down read.  Needs a warning label....may cause hot flashes, increased sex drive, increased blood flow, and heart palpitations.  I give it 5 stars! And I need a new rating system to give it 5 flames for its hotness!


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