Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Featured Author...Darren Craske...Day 2

The Lazarus Curse
Master Conjuror Cornelius Quaint returns in a thrilling and irresistible new adventure.
Directly on the heels of his Egyptian adventures in The Eleventh Plague, Cornelius Quaint finds himself drawn into another gripping and treacherous plot. This time, Quaint must intercept Cho-Zen Li’s scheme to assassinate Queen Victoria and unleash a devastating plague upon Victorian England.
Quaint is enlisted by the Queen herself to hunt Li down and put an end to his cruel reign over the Yahn Province of China. But even the brilliant conjuror does not realize the extent of the danger awaiting him. A storm is heading in Quaint’s direction, and neither he nor his companions from the traveling circus can do to anything to prevent it.

The Romulus Equation
Set to release March 2013


Cornelius Quaint’s clairvoyant companion, Madame Destine, has foreseen what is coming, yet even she has no idea of the full extent of the truth, and how secrets that have plagued Quaint for his entire life will suddenly become clear.

In the concluding chapter of the first arc of The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, the conjuror faces his most personal - and perilous - adventure yet, and even if he manages to survive, he will never be the same again…

The Quaint Christmas
*FREE Cornelius Quaint short story.*

A superbly festive short story. Part of the thrilling Cornelius Quaint Chronicles.
It is Christmas Eve and Cornelius Quaint arrives at a tavern in a most contemptible part of Victorian London. His mission – to procure a Christmas feast for his traveling circus, armed with nothing but a penny, his Eskimo valet Butter, and his own dazzlingly brilliant mind. Can Quaint pull off his con, or will he and Butter find themselves strung up by their gizzards before the night is through?
For readers of The Equivoque Principle and The Eleventh Plague, The Quaint Christmas sees the welcome return of dashing magician and part-time sleuth, Cornelius Quaint. For those yet to be acquainted, prepare to discover a fantastic adventure series inspired by the penny dreadfuls and newspaper serials of the Victorian age.

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