Friday, January 25, 2013

Featured Author....MeaKa Kyel...Day 5

Author Interview:

1.       Where do you get your writing inspiration from?
Most of the time, I’ll get my ideas from a dream I have.  It will always be one of those half asleep dreams when I’m waking up in the morning.  I’ll wake up remembering a certain character or incident and I build the story from there.  Other times, I’ll be talking with someone and something we say will bring something to mind.
2.       Did you have to do any research for your books? If so what?
Not really.  Most of my stories are fantasy.  I make up my own worlds and creatures.  In Watchers, Keepers, I do have to do research on certain monsters that are well known so I don’t make any mistakes.  Other than that, I like writing in a ‘no rules’ world.
3.       What are you working on now?
Right now, I’m getting ready to release Watchers, Keepers.  It is a paranormal fantasy with some heavy romance.  It’s about hunters that keep the world safe.  They are like the monster police, I guess. When there’re monsters, these guys get the call.  Then, they find out that a really bad monster is trying to open a rip between dimensions to let others in and they have to try and stop it.
4.       What is the hardest part of writing for you?
For the most part, it’s just finding the time to sit down and do it.  I’m a stay at home mom with three kids, one of which is disabled.  My husband works on the road and so isn’t home much.  Between hockey, golf, gymnastics, bowling, lacrosse, play dates, and doctor’s appointments, it takes up a lot of my time.  I love them to bits and wouldn’t trade them for the world, though.  For this reason, I do most of my writing at night when they’ve gone to bed.
5.       What can readers expect next?
Once Watchers, Keepers is out, I’ll be working on the first of a trilogy.  It’s about a god that has a conflict of interest with his siblings and gets thrown to earth.  He then has to find a certain item that will help him save the people from the other gods.  There’s going to be magic and creatures and romance and all that fun stuff.
6.       What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer that question?
What’s your favorite color?  Lol  I have no idea, but no one has ever asked me that. J  It’s green.
7.       If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?
‘Oh, Sleep, Where Art Thou?’… Hahaha No. I’m kidding.  Um, I think it might be, ‘Blessed’.  I really am.
8.       Who is your favorite author?
Oh my god.  There are so many.  I’d have to go with Diana Gabaldon.
9.       What is your guilty pleasure?
McDonald’s.  I’d eat it every day if it wasn’t so bad for me.
10.   Highest point of your writing career?
Getting emails from people who tell me they really enjoyed my stories.  I can be having the worst day of my life, at one simple message can make it so much better. 
11.   Advice for aspiring authors?
No matter what, write for yourself.  You’ll get a lot of haters who like to be mean and pick your work apart, but if you stay true to what you love, others with the same love will find you and it will be phenomenal.  Not everyone will love your work, so don’t get discouraged by a bad review.  Focus on the good ones.
12.   Last song that was stuck in your head?
Ho Hey by the Lumineers.   Love that song.  is where you can learn more about her books and follow her blog.

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