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Jack Stone is the Dark Master. 
A tough man. A hard man - and he is sexy as all hell. 
When Jack Stone arrives in the small town of Windswept, Arizona all he wants is answers. What he finds is a sexy woman with a lust for BDSM and a secret the locals will kill to keep.

“On the ground. Face down,” the cop in front of him had had enough. He barked the command, his voice suddenly loud again.
Stone stared at the officer expressionless. Didn’t react, didn’t move. He just stared, eyeball to eyeball for a long time. “The ground is dirty,” he said after a minute. “This is my only t-shirt.” There was no way he was going to lay face-down on the ground. Not for these two country cops. No way.

  "I want you to be on display," the man said. "I want everyone who looks in this window to see what your face looks like as I fill you with my shaft." The woman groaned, a sultry, throaty moan of passion and lust. She nodded her head, and her breathing was ragged and unsteady.
"Yes," she said. "God, yes."
She felt the first inch of him slide within her and he was massively thick and burning hot. She felt herself being stretched, and her body began to thrill and shudder. There was a sudden warm rush of her arousal, molten and uncoiling in the pit of her stomach – and then he was withdrawing himself, teasing her and maddening her with frustration.
"Reach down between your legs," the man said. "Touch yourself and tell me how wet you are." She did as he ordered. Her hand came away glistening with the juices of her excitement. She held her fingers up for him to see.
"Write my name on the window," he said. "Use the juices on your fingers to tell the world who owns you."
The woman gasped. A thundering jolt of wicked, sexy exhilaration burst over her with a force that buckled her legs. It was the most erotic, sexual moment of her life. "I don't know your name."
The man smiled, and then thrust himself all the way inside the woman with a single fluid stroke. The woman sobbed. She felt her orgasm hit instantly – overcome with a surge of pleasure that had been built up with anticipation, and driven to the very edge by the deliciously wicked way he was dominating her. She cried out – a long deep moan of blissful pleasure and the force of her release filled the darkness behind her closed eyes with an explosion of white flashing lights and dizzy relief.
"Stone," the man said. "My name is Jack Stone."

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The Society Blog Tour

Title:  The Society: Proof
Author:  Aaron Crabill
Series: The Society (#1)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Adventure
Publisher:  Self Published
Release Date:  Jan 28 2011
Edition/Formats Available In: E~Book & Print
Keely Allison has spent years trying to prove that her home town of Pembleton Arizona is haunted. She’s let her grades slip, upset her mother by avoiding anything remotely close to the normal high school experience, and utterly ignored a love life. She’s the leader of two person paranormal society, along with her polar opposite Tad Buckley. Tad’s an honors student, the apple of his folks’ eyes and totally in love with Keely (he has been for years and he really, really, really thinks this will be the year he finally tells her just that). When Sean Cage moves to town everyone’s life gets thrown into a violent upheaval. He joins the society, challenges their methods, becomes the first crush of Keely’s life, and forces Tad into a put up or shut up position with his feelings for Keely. As the three find their paranormal and romantic lives suddenly in fast forward, they too find the already well documented spookiness of Pembleton Arizona doing the same. Sean finds sleep nearly impossible as he’s taunted by a monstrous black mass at the foot of his bed. Tad is forced to choose between sneaking out the back door like the rest of the honors kids or going out the front and potentially facing hazing at the hands of a demon possessed jock-bully. As for Keely she just may find the proof she’s always wanted so badly to find, the question is will she believe it when it’s standing right in front of her?


My THOUGHTS:  Great well rounded read.  Characters are well developed and a plot with plenty of twists to keep you hooked.  A great paranormal read for young adults or adults for that matter.  I would certainly recommend it and give it four stars. 

Title:  The Society: Conspiracy
Author:  Aaron Crabill
Series: The Society (#2)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Adventure
Publisher:  Self Published
Release Date:  February 15 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: E~Book & Print
The second incredible chapter in The Society cycle finds the team growing. Keely, Sean, and Tad are joined by their formerly demon possessed enemy Randy Adams. They’ve gone public with their findings and have become celebrities in their hometown and around the world thanks to their popular website. But this new level of attention has drawn the attention of the mysterious and powerful group of global powers they were warned never to cross. This deadly conspiracy of men has begun to move against them from the shadows in ways they never could have anticipated. A new supernatural threat has arisen with a personal vendetta against them and plans to tear them apart from the inside. Things have never been better for the kids in the society. Things have never been more deadly either.


This book was a great addition to the first. I was not disappointed at all.  Even more twists in the story line as another member is added.  A great read for anyone into the paranormal or ghost hunting shows.  Kept my attention and left me wanting to read more. I give it four stars. 

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Sharing Saturday!

Today I've decided to share the outstanding.......John Hundley!
He isn't just awesome author but is an awesome person as well.  He is down to earth and never to busy to talk to a reviewer, fan, reader, fellow author, etc.  Plus his books are amazing!!! I am impatiently waiting for book three (Set to release later this year) in his Red Wolf Series. 
If your looking for a new paranormal with a twist read make sure you check out his series.  He is also on facebook and has a blog that you can stalk.

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Tour Stop for Chica Bella

Landon “Blackhawk” Walker is ready to get out of the Navy SEALs. He has seen and done enough, and can’t wait to get to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where three tasks await him: get back into civilian mode, take a boat out to the El Arco Rocks, and win back the heart of the woman he lost because of his career.
Maya Gonzalez has tired of the heartbreak that comes with Landon’s deployments year after year. When he walks back into her life, she cannot deny her heart, despite her reservations.
As they lose themselves in each other and the beauty of Cabo, their passion is rekindled once again, but Maya knows that one phone call means deployment for Landon, putting an end to their reunion, and possibly their relationship.

“Where were you?” she finally asked, her voice quiet.
He didn’t look at her, but he felt her body tense next to his. “Were you hurt?”
He shrugged, but then thought better of trying to blow off her questions. Maya had always said she wanted nothing but honesty from him, and he had been the one to offer this Q&A.
“I took some shrapnel in my chest, but it was all superficial.” He gazed down at her as she studied his chest as if she could see the wounds he was talking about.
“Did you kill?” she whispered, her stare never leaving his chest.
Dammit. This was the part he hated because she abhorred violence, but killing was his job. If he didn’t take out the bad guys, they would kill American soldiers, and he would be damned if that happened on his watch. “Yes.”
She closed her eyes for a moment.
“Did you think of me?”
“Oh, God, Maya.” He put his finger under her chin and turned her face to his. Her brown eyes sparkled with tears that made his heart feel as though it might quit beating. “Maya, it’s always you. It’s thinking of you that made me want to stay alive. It’s the thought of your smile, your face, your body pressed up against mine that kept me warm at night, the sound of your laughter that made me smile when I felt like I couldn’t smile again. Maya....”
He didn’t know what else to say, so he did what he had wanted to do since the day he left her almost a year ago.
He brought his lips to hers.

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Featured Author.....Vivien Sparx Day 5

Six months after the tragic loss of their baby, Renee and Stefan are struggling to hold together their fragile romance. Renee is desperate to return to a lifestyle of BDSM, but Stefan steadfastly refuses. "We can't go backwards." "No - but we can come full circle!" Renee pleads. And so begins Renee's greatest challenge - to convince Stefan that BDSM is essential to their relationship, and the one thing that can save their marriage and rekindle the fires of their passion. With the help of Tink and Master Peter, Renee risks everything she loves to hold on to the man she can't live without.

Available on AMAZON.

My Thoughts:

After reading Her Master’s Kiss V I had no words.  The thought of coming to the close of the series saddened me, however I am completely excited for the possibility of more of Tink and Peter, and overjoyed for Renee and Stefan.  I can certainly say that this series is on my MUST READ list and will be a series I return to frequently.  From the first page of Her Master’s Kiss Viven has had me mesmerized and aching for more.  A whirlwind series filled with lust, love, and encouragement.  A roller-coaster ride that I would gladly get right back one. A must read. Highly recommend and give it 5 stars.   Although Renee and Stefan’s story has ended I’m still wanting more from Viven Sparx!

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Featured Author....Vivien Sparx Day 4

THE GRIPPING NEW CHAPTER IN THE LIVES OF RENEE AND STEFAN Just when they had the promise of a 'happily ever after' life together, Renee and Stefan's love for each other faces the ultimate challenge when a cruel twist of fate tears their lives apart. Faced with uncertainty, tragedy and emotions they struggle to control, the couple are forced to confront questions they never thought they would be asked. Is their love strong to overcome even the greatest of challenges?

Available on AMAZON.

My Thoughts:

I have to start by saying applause to Vivien Sparx.  Her writing reaches new levels with each book I read.  Her Master’s Kiss IV is an emotional roller-coaster like no other.   Renee and Stefan are pushed to their limits.  Their lives are tested beyond measure.  Their world turned upside down.  I had to read around tears for most of the book.  A slap of reality can turn any romance story on its head.  I couldn’t put this book down.  I started reading it when I went to sleep and stayed up until I finished.  I had to force myself to stop reading. I wanted to move right on to Her Master’s Kiss V.  Vivien writes in such a way that you can’t help but feel right in the moment, experiencing everything with them.  I definitely recommend it and give it 5 stars.  

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