Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog Spot with Beth Wright

Desire and Fate
Stranded on another world, Hanna encounters some of its occupants. Fear consumes her as she is taken from her human ways of life. Ozonar is one of the most powerful leaders of his race. He has been watching and secretly desiring Hanna from afar; until the day he decided to enter the Human’s camp. What does fate have in store for them, and will desire keep them together or tear them apart?

The Devil's Pet Kitten
Demon King Darren roams the night searching as all Demons do, but he soon finds someone that shocks common sense right out of his mind. Taby’s sexy body and teasing words bring him to his knees. She forever defies him, making his sexual urges too hard to control. He captures her within his grasp and forever marks her as his. What should he do now? Even his guards notice his ways changing. Apparently his Sexy Kitten unknowingly has marked his heart and staked its own claim. Can you handle the heat as a Demon King’s desires are unleashed?
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Beth Wright lives in Texas with her children and wonderful man, who supports her dreams of writing. She has several self-published works available for purchase as well as her current titles available with Phoenix Fire. 


  1. Loved Desire and Fate! Great story. A bit sad at the end. Very kinky! Over 18! Ozonar is sexy and Hannah is a very interesting female character. It was HOT!

  2. Very Hot! I would like to meet Ozonar! Don't let Beth's looks fool you, she plays outside the sandbox!

  3. :) Glad you loved the book and yes, I love playing outside of the sandbox ;)