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Featured Author....Meaka Kyel.....Day 3

Watchers, Keepers
Set to Release February 28th!!

For seven years now, life for Taylar Wennings and Cal Gains has been simple.  Track the monsters and kill them.  The fact that Taylar is a freak herself and can track anything she concentrates on is no longer an issue.  That is, until Devin, a man with unusual talents himself, enters their lives.  Warned that the end of life as they know it is near, Taylar and Cal step up in an attempt to help track down other freaks like Taylar; freaks who, after being hunted because of their differences, will need much convincing to join their cause.
Now that she knows more about what she is and that she isn't the only one of her kind, Taylar can finally relax... or can she?  As word spreads among the hunter community, she quickly starts to make the top of everyone's hit list.  If the stresses of the job and the frequent attempts on her life aren't enough, she now has to deal with Devin.  Cocky, rude, and out of this world, the man who calls himself a Watcher has her skin tingling in more ways than one.  Where Cal makes her feel warm and safe, Devin makes her hot and wild.
Will the three of them be able to track down those they seek?  Is there truly a hope in their daunting task to stop the end of the world?

“Son of a bitch!” The urge to scream in frustration was overwhelming, but Taylar managed to keep it in.  She blinked in an attempt to get her eyes to adjust to the darkness.  How long had she been out?  Her head was pounding from the blow she’d taken.  The shelf she was tied to was digging between her shoulder blades and she pulled at the ropes binding her wrists over her head.  When nothing budged, she tried again. 
“It’s no use.”  The man’s voice was hoarse, like he’d had nothing to drink for days, making his slight Irish lilt thicker than she thought it might otherwise be.
She blew out a frustrated breath.  “Who are you?”
Taylar clenched her jaw.  Really?  They were tied up and helpless and the man was going to be an ass?  She looked back over her shoulder to the shelf he was up against.
“I’m Taylar.”
“Aye.  I know who ye are.”  He coughed.
She didn’t like being at a disadvantage in any situation.  “Well, isn’t that just fantastic for you.”  She fought the urge to look up at her watch, knowing she wouldn’t be able to see it from this angle.  Where the hell was Cal?  Had they brought him?  She tried to look around, hoping beyond hope that he wasn’t down here as well.  Was he still alive?
“Were you awake when they brought me in?”
The silence that answered her made her blood boil. 
“They didna bring your boyfriend down, if that’s what you’re wondering.”
“How did you…”
“Again.  I repeat myself.  I know who ya are and anyone who knows anything about the great Taylar Wennins knows that wherever she is, so is Cal Gains.”
Taylar grunted.  “Well, I guess you’re wrong, then.  Cal’s not here, now is he?”  She tried to keep her heart from dropping as she thought of him lying in the alley, possibly bleeding to death.  The man had saved her life and was the reason she was doing what she did.  He’d taught her everything she knew about hunting things ninety-nine percent of the human population were too scared to admit lived in the shadows.  Cal was one of the best at what they did, but she knew he wasn’t immortal.
“Aren’t ye a wee bit irritable.”
Ignoring the man, she pulled at the ropes holding her, again with no results.
“Take it easy, lovely.  Ye’ll hurt yourself.”
She caught the laughter in his voice and shot a glare back in his direction.  The door to the basement opened and let in a bit of light.
“Hey, freak! Are you done yet?”  Mark’s voice dripped with contempt.  When no one answered, the door slammed shut again.
“What’s he talking about?” she whispered back and nearly screamed as a dark shape moved toward her.
“He’s talking about me.” The man’s deep voice whispered in her ear and she shivered.
“What are you?”
“Well, if ye ask yer mate Mark, it seems I’m some sort of evil shapeshifter.  Apparently, I was supposed to eat you.”  He sat back on his heels and grinned.  He ran a hand through short dark hair and shrugged.
She frowned.  “So you’re not a shapeshifter?”
“Oh, aye, I can change shape.  What I don’t do, however, is eat people.”  He looked so disgusted with the thought it made her smile.
“I have to admit, I’m glad.”
They stared at each other silently, sizing each other up.  She was shocked to find that even though the room was nearly pitch black, his green eyes shone, almost like cat eyes reflecting the tiniest bit of light piercing through the shadows of the night.
“So what’s your deal?  How’s he keeping you down here?”
“Oh, he’s not.  He just thinks he is.  He’s…”
“I’ve been looking for ye, Taylar.  When he found me, he told me I’d get to meet ya and get my revenge; for all of my slain kin, I suppose.”  He rolled his eyes.  “I let him think he’d caught me, yeah?  I’ve been waiting for ye so...”
He blew a breath out of his nose.  “Do ya think ye could stop interrupting for one minute?  Big things are coming, Taylar.  Bad things, and you’ll be caught right in the middle of it all. This dimension is about to crack open.  It’ll let evil in your kind has never imagined.  We need to stop it.”
He looked at her expectantly.
Her heart jumped in her chest.  “What? You just… What are you waiting for?  A happy dance?”
He raised an eyebrow at her.  “Ye don’t have much choice in the matter.”
“Or what?  You’ll eat me?”  A trickle of sweat ran down her neck over her collar bone and into her tank top.  The man watched it before returning his strange gaze to her eyes.
“No, but if ya don’t help me, hunting the odd shapeshifter or ghost is goin ta seem like child’s play.”
“Look, whoever you are, you’re obviously insane…”
Instead of getting upset, he slumped his shoulders as though suddenly exhausted.  His hand ran over his face.
“I suppose I’ll just have ta show ye, then.”  He moved closer slowly.  It reminded her of cat going after a mouse and she tensed.  He paused.  “I won’t hurt ye, Taylar.”  He cocked his head to the side as though thinking through his options before giving her small smile.  He straddled her legs and sat on them, effectively pinning her where she was.  She jerked at the ropes holding her wrists.  One large hand covered them, holding them still while the other touched her face lightly.  His fingers tilted her chin up and she found herself gazing into his eyes, suddenly unable to fight. 
Taylar had a fraction of a second to think that his lips looked amazing before he pressed them lightly against hers.  She jerked as a small current of energy ran through her.  The man sucked in a breath pulled back slightly before claiming her mouth again, this time with more obvious intent.  His tongue slipped over her lips and the shock caused her to gasp, giving him the opportunity to delve into her mouth.  Her entire body filled with heat and she moaned.
Taylar whimpered and pressed herself against him, trying to get at more of the energy flowing through them.  She didn’t notice when her hands became untied, only that suddenly she was able to lace them behind his head, pulling him down to her harder.
He groaned and stood, hauling her up with him and pressing her against the wall. A flash of lightning was quickly followed by a burst of thunder and Taylar paused at the feel of the sudden downpour.  The man’s lips trailed down her neck and settle lightly against the top of her shoulder.  She fought to catch her breath, tilting her head back to look up at the grey sky above her.
“What the fuck’s happening?”
He shook himself and straightened.  “Look around, Taylar.  Tell me what ye see.”
She fought to look away from his lips so she could concentrate on their surroundings.  They were in a city.  Cars were parked haphazardly up and down the streets, a fine layer of rust covering each and every one of them.  Not one of the buildings in view had a window intact.   Everything was grey and Taylar realized with a shock that no vegetation grew in the vicinity. 
“Where are we?”  She looked back up to him, her heart pounding, hoping she was wrong.
“Kalhan City.”
Her throat tightened and she swallowed hard.  Her eyes found the broken sign she’d recognized and a tear rolled down her cheek.  Gabriel High School.  It was where she’d graduated from what seemed like an eternity ago.
“What happened?  When did it happen?”  Another tear was quickly followed by more.  Taylar wiped her arm across her face.
“This is what happens if the rift opens between the dimensions.  It happened three years ago.”  Noting the confusion on her face, he changed his answer.  “Two years after I meet ye in your mate’s basement.”  He put one hand on her shoulder and the other cupped her cheek, his thumb wiping away a fresh wave of tears.  “It hasn’t happened yet, Taylar.”
She closed her eyes, disbelieving.  “How am I supposed to stop this?”  She gaped, surprised at his chuckle.
“This isn’t all on you, lovely.”  He tucked some wet blonde hair behind her ear.  “It will take many and we’re lucky the bloodline is strong.  Having said that, it will take all of ye to win.  I need ye to help me track down the others.”  He smiled.  “Aye, I know how ye can hone in on whatever ye’re hunting.”
She gawked at him, completely bewildered.  “What are you?”
His smile softened in what seemed to be an attempt to ease her nerves.  “I, my lovely, am a Watcher.”  He kissed her again and when she opened her eyes, she was back in the basement, though free of the ropes this time.
Her next question stopped short as a loud crash was heard overhead.
“It seems your hero has arrived.”
Cal’s voice was filled with anger.  “Where is she?”
Taylar frowned.  His energy was weak.
“She’ll be dead before you get to her,” declared Mark.
The strange man beside her grunted.  “But he’s daft, yeah?”
She couldn’t help but smile.
“Cal, it’s better this way.”
If Mark was hoping to talk his way out of the situation, it seemed Cal wasn’t having it.  Mark’s groan made its way down the stairs.
“You ignorant bastard!”  Cal’s growl was emphasized by another of Mark’s grunts of pain.
“Cal.”  Mark’s voice squeaked up an octave.  “I was just doing my job.”
Taylar thought of calling out to let Cal know she was still alive, but quickly decided against it.  She didn’t want to distract him.
“Cal, buddy.”
Taylar jumped as a gunshot echoed through the house.  Who had pulled the gun? Had Cal been shot again?
“That’s my cue to leave, Lovely.  I’ll see you soon.”
“Taylar!”  Cal’s shout overhead was enough to make her forget the Watcher.
“Cal!”  She ran up the basement stairs and pounded on the locked door.
“Thank god!  Tay! Are you alright?”  He unlocked the door and pulled it open.
Her throat tightened at the site of him.  He leaned against the door frame, his clothes soaked in blood, his left hand covering the bullet wound on the right shoulder.  Eyes filled with pain and relief met hers and she swallowed hard.
“You’re weak.”
He grinned.  “Hello to you, too.”

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