Monday, January 21, 2013

This Weeks Featured Author....Meaka Kyel....Day 1

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"Get on with it!" Max paled.
The shop shook with a sudden burst of lightning and the ensuing thunder.
The man looked up to the ceiling. "Your mother knows I'm talking to you. She's very upset. Max, please. You need to hide."

Freak storms, changing climates... they're all proof that global warming is starting to change our planet. It was only a matter of time before Mother Nature got upset with the damage we were causing. What we never could have anticipated, was how she was planning to get rid of her problem. 

My phone vibrated before kicking to my favorite Irish song.  All it said was ‘private number’.
“Gabby here.”
“Gabby!  I need help!”  John’s voice cracked.
“John! Where are you?”
“Oh, shit.”  His voice was a shaky whisper.
I grabbed the boxes of ammo from the table and looked at my crew.  I could see Lizzy looking at us from the railing upstairs.
“Max, you’re with me.”  I didn’t need a situation while I was gone.
“Gabby, dude, I’m the one with the high speed chases under his belt.  I’ll drive.”  Brent grabbed the keys form Pete.
“No.  I’ll explain later, but I’m taking Max.  The rest of you stay put.  You do not open that door for anyone but me or Lane.  You do NOT go outside.  I don’t care if Jesus himself knocks on the door and tells you it’s safe; you stay inside!”
Brent shrugged and tossed Max the keys.  Grant was already opening the overhead door.
Max peeled out of the yard and looked at me.  “Where to?”
“John! John! Are you still there?  Where are you? We’re coming to get you!”
I strained to hear as he whispered something into the phone.
“Kinsmen Park.”  His whisper shook.  “By the kiddie pool.”  His phone beeped to indicate it was about to die.  “Gabs.  Please.”
Max accelerated and our tires left the ground as we crossed the intersection of fifteenth street and fifteenth avenue.
“We just got into town, John.  Just hang on and try to stay quiet.”  My heart pounded in my chest.  Max ran red light after red light and turned left onto central.  I had a fleeting thought that it sure was empty on the streets.  The truck jumped the curb and Max drove straight into the park.
I screamed, sure we were about to hit a tree.  Max managed to maneuver between the two pines without killing us.  I scanned the park.  “There!”
Max swerved so he was on a straight collision course with three Yellow Eyes.  He glanced at me quickly and I nodded, knowing he was asking my permission to run them over.  I still had no clue what the hell was going on, but if anyone with yellow eyes came anywhere near me again, I wasn’t giving them the chance to try and kill me.  The truck thudded over two of them and I swore under my breath as the third one managed to get out of the way.  Max screeched to a halt and I jumped out, taking aim at the man who stopped short.
“I will shoot you,” I warned.  I frowned at the confusion in his yellow eyes.  Was it possible this one had a clue about what was happening?  His clothing was covered in dried and wet blood and his blond hair was matted to his head.
I heard John start down one of the trees behind me and cringed as he lost his footing and fell to the ground.
“Are you ok?”  I kept my eyes and gun trained on the man in front of me.  The Yellow Eyes went from confused to terrified.
John sucked in a breath.  “Max, are you ok?”
I frowned, torn between the need to keep the man in my sights and the urge to look at Max.

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