Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogiversary Week Day 1 Post 1

The first author feature this week is ....... John Hundley.

While reading The Draculata Nest, John was quickly moved to my list of top authors.  I love his style of writing and his characters.  The Draculata Nest is the first of the Red Wolf Novels, to check out my 5 star review for it click here. To read a quick Interview with John and with Clifford Crane click here
The second book The Dragon of Doughton Park came out Oct. 31st, 2012 and the wait was well worth it. 
About The Dragon of Doughton Park

Clifford Crane has led a tough life – failed marriages, bankruptcy, drug addiction, and a mind-numbing dead-end job. But he’s made it through, and now he’s a few short years from retirement. He’s looking forward to his golden years, until he meets an ancient Uwharrie Indian shaman, who turns him into a werewolf. She believes Clifford is the red wolf foretold in prophecy, the one who will unite the wolf packs and lead them to victory over the vampires for once and all time. Too bad she doesn’t tell him that before she dies. Now, rescuing beautiful young women from the clutches of the undead has its rewards, but will it pay the rent for the next thousand years?
Everyone has accepted the Prophecy of the Red Wolf except the Red Wolf himself. Clifford would like to reclaim some semblance of a normal life, but there are three beautiful reasons he cannot cut his ties to the pack of werewolves of which he has become a part. There’s Heather, the sister of the Uwharrie Pack alpha, whom the pack has chosen as Clifford’s mate. There’s Nicole, the talented young Omega wolf, a seeming reincarnation of Clifford’s once and greatest love, who shares a strange and disturbing bond with him. And there’s Danielle, the gorgeous young vampire who currently shares his bed in a forbidden affair.
Clifford faces a difficult choice indeed, but it may not be his to make. Powerful forces are afoot in the world, and to protect the ones he loves, Clifford must seek the help of the powerful Fae who foretold the prophecy in the first place, the one who might do anything to make sure the prophecy comes true, the mysterious Dragon of Doughton Park.
The Dragon of Doughton Park is the second in a series of Red Wolf novels, depicting a world where vampires are mere generations away from realizing mankind’s destruction, the ultimate goal of the undead and the mysterious beings that created them.

John Hundley lives in Charlotte, NC, and writes urban fantasy novels.
John is currently working on the Red Wolf Novels, a paranormal fantasy trilogy. The Draculata Nest was published in November, 2011. The Dragon of Doughton Park was published in October, 2012. The third book, Red Wolf Rising, is targeted for publication in 2013.

Where to get his books:

The Draculata Nest

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Dragon of Doughton Park



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