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Neiko's Five Land Adventure
Winner of the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award of Excellence
Nominated as "A Great Book for Kids" by fantasy and science fiction reviewer CC Cole along with Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden
"Plenty of action and inspired imagination."
~Wulfstan Top 100 Reviewer
"From the first word, Taylor delivers a fresh, vibrant tale of two different worlds."
~Steven Knight Book review and author of "Born of Blood"
"An imaginative journey that is that is much of an adventure for the reader as it is for Neiko."
~CC Cole Book Reviewer and author of the Gastar Series
"A great middle school or read to me book with tons of adventure and characters."
~Paper Mustang Book Reviewer
"A fantastical twist to the childhood game of Cowboys and Indians and a wonderful coming of age story."
~Indie Reader Reviewer
The Indians and the Crackedskulls are locked in the turmoil of war and presently in a stalemate. Her enemies, Raven and Bloodhawk, have come up with a scheme to up the ante and break the stalemate into their favor. Neiko later finds out that a land she thought she had only imagined is actually real and contains a legendary and otherworldly evil within it. Not only that, she becomes trapped there and must escape the world, the people within it, and the sinister evil within.
Neiko must find her way back home and turn the tables on her enemies. Can she come back home and escape the evil that seeks to claim her?

Escape From Ancient Egypt
Escape from Ancient Egypt (coming soon): Seeking his revenge on Neiko for exposing him, Francesco banishes Neiko into ancient Egypt just like he did her friends eleven years ago. During her stay there, she unravels the mystery of what happened to her four friends. Now she’s faced with a bigger problem—how to get home. After a series of unfortunate events, Neiko is now entangled with Pharaoh Ramesses II. Francesco also comes to make sure their fates are sealed. Can Neiko and her friends beat impossible odds and return to Hawote and back to the present?

The Newbie Author's Survival Guide
How To Thrive in the Book Marketing Wilderness

After crash landing into self publishing with nothing but the clothes she had on, author AK Taylor fought for survival with trying to market her books on a small budget. After two years of trial and error, reworking, refining, and reaching out, she has created the first survival guide for book marketing compiled of great tools and resources that can be used by any author during the rough times.

About A.K. Taylor
A.K. Taylor is a YA fantasy/science fiction adventure writer who has been writing since age 16. Taylor also draws her characters and designs her covers and illustrations which she also began at 16. Taylor has also written a nonfiction piece about self promotion.

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