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Featured Author....Terry Long Day 5

Author Bio:
Terry Long is the third of five vivacious girls.  When she isn’t scheming with her adoring siblings, one can most definitely catch her reading a delicious novel.  During her early adult years, she stepped into the automobile industry and dedicated a long decade in the field before discovering her true passion.  These days, Terry happily writes when opportunity presents itself—which is not as often as she wishes, though she isn’t carping.  She is married and currently resides in the heart of California with her sweetie and their newest love, a precious baby girl.

Clare Ayala, author of Michal’s Window
“Spellbinding twist... Michael Langdon is a wealthy man who makes quick judgments and gets what he wants. But when Ally Overton enters his life, Michael’s carefully planned agenda is turned topsy-turvy.”
Stefanie J Pristavu, author of Hunters
“…timeless classic with a twist.”

1.       Where do you get your writing inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from a heavy dose of daydreaming.  When I stare at nothing long enough, plots hit me on the back of my head.

2.       Did you have to do any research for your books? If so what?

My favorite site to stop by when I stumble upon an uncertainty is Jane Austen’s World (when I write a Regency romance).  It covers everything from social customs right down to the foods these folks were served.  It’s great!

3.       What are you working on now?

I was working on a contemporary young adult romance, but it turned into an erotica.  Really, I didn’t mean for it to go that way, but I liked where it went so much, I scrolled up and happily deleted the beginning of the story.  It involves an assassin and that’s all I’ll say.  If things go according to plan, it will be completed by spring 2013.

4.       What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Finding time.  There is just not enough time in a day and there’s so much to be written.

5.       What can readers expect next?

I have another historical romance due to be released in December in the form of a fancy anthology.  It’s called, His Indecent Christmas Proposal, which features characters from my debut novel, The Notorious Proposal.  I had a lot of fun writing it.  Since it’s fewer than 15K words, we get to all the delicious stuff right away!

6.       What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer that question?

Question: If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? 
My Answer: Mozart.  I would love to know what inspired him to write and compose so beautifully.  But if it had to be someone living, because well, you know, it would be kind of scary to share your table with a deceased, then of course, I’d love to have author Julie Garwood.  J

7.       If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

Memoirs of the Greatest, Most Sweetest Woman Alive.  Hah!  Alright…It would probably be titled, Supermommy! 

8.       Who is your favorite author?

Hands down, Julie Garwood.  This woman paints, draws, sings with words.

9.       What is your guilty pleasure?

Going to bed with my very understanding and forgiving husband on one side and my muse on the other.

10.   Highest point of your writing career?

Oh, this is easy: Receiving a publishing contract from the first and only company I submitted my novel to.  Naturally, I reeled in this extraordinary news for weeks, overwhelmed and ecstatic!

11.   Advice for aspiring authors?

Finish.  Just finish.

12.   Last song that was stuck in your head?

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song.  I know, I know.

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  1. My favorite memory was when my husband proposed marriage to me on Christmas Day. Gale