Thursday, December 27, 2012

Featured Author....Terry Long Day 4


 “What are you doing in here?” She pulled the sheets all around her, tucking them beneath
her weight. The woman acted like a bloody virgin!

He stood taller and tugged at the hem of his coat. “I’m here with an intention to make you
an agreement.”

“Great. Another proposal. I’m afraid to ask,” she mumbled, the distrust in her eyes clearly visible, even in the dimly-lit chamber.

Upon hearing the languid reply, the corners of his mouth curved upward. Ah, yes, another
proposal. “If you swear on your father’s grave—”

Ally gasped. Her mouth opened as wide as her eyes.

He shifted his weight uncomfortably at the sight of her horrified face. He’d
never been any good at communicating with women. “If you give me your word that you’d not
defy me in front of my servants, I will let you out of this chamber…within boundaries.”

She nodded rather feverishly.

“Now, not so fast. At least look as if you mean it.”

Losing the rigidness in her spine, Ally cocked her head to the side. “I do mean it.”

Michael liked the childlike look on her face: the wide, innocent eyes, the small crease that appeared between her perfectly arched brows, and the slight pout of her bottom lip. “Give me your word,” he said, only because he wanted to look at her a while longer.

Ally sat up, the sheets falling around her waist, forgotten. “I give you my word. I won’t
defy you in front of anyone.”

Willing his eyes to stay on her face, instead of descending lower, he said tightly, “Good.”

“Unless we’re alone.” Her eyes were bright with mischief.

He grinned at that. “Of course, imp.”

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  1. I've enjoyed following your posts and the reads about Terry's book. They look like great reads. My favorite Christmas moment was the first Christmas when my son was old enough to really know what was going on. He brought out the real Christmas spirit in me. Hope you both had a great holiday.

  2. My favorite memory was when my husband proposed marriage to me on Christmas Day. Gale