Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Spot ...with Anna Lovelace

The Witches’ Secret:
Sweet as pie Macey is a good little girl running her family shop everyday. The thing about this witch is she's got a secret, and he's tied up in her basement. Macey enjoys making men squirm and they tend to fear her power and keep their mouth shut. Aidan is different though, and he is going to be hard to break…

The Witch Comes at Midnight:
The witch comes for her at midnight, and drives her crazy with desire and forbidden pleasures. She frightens and excites her showing her things she doesn't understand, but is she friend or foe?


Anna Lovelace is a southern girl at heart who loved to write in her notebooks and scribble all over every stray piece of mail until she finally received a laptop. An obsession with witches and the paranormal led to her particular brand of erotica where the witches are always behaving badly. Rarely giving her characters a happy ending, Anna lives for the drama. Currently writing from Georgia and enjoying being fresh out of college with a big dream and a fun day job.

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  1. Anna has been a blast to work with and write with..anyone looking for a fun and secy read should definitely pick up her books!!!!