Monday, December 24, 2012

This Weeks Featured Author... Terry Long Day 1

The stern and no-nonsense, Michael Langdon, wants nothing more than a quiet, peaceful life.  He wasn’t getting any of that, he realized, as soon as he brought home a contradicting, galling wife.  Ally is maddening…and tempting, all in one small, luscious package.  Perhaps his marriage isn’t so disagreeable after all. 

Since Victor had insisted on leg-shackling himself to a conniving girl he’d met mere days ago, Michael Langdon did what any older brothers would do: he bribed the chit.  But Miss Ally Overton was no docile, cowering woman like he’d imagined. 
Kept in such close quarters with the brute against her will, Ally was certain she’d do Mr. Langdon in, for he behaved with all the manners of a goat.  To further add to her frustration, the blackguard who infuriates her beyond measure intrigues her without even trying.
As each day passes, Michael tries desperately not to take too much notice of her luscious lips and her enticing body.  He wonders if his arrangement was going to foil when she begins to stir the deepest corners of his heart.
Would Michael be strong enough to give up what his heart desires for his only kin?

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  1. My favorite memory was when my husband proposed marriage to me on Christmas Day. Gale