Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Unsacred Gift by C.S. Dorsey Blog Tour Spot Interview

I had the pleasure of being able to interview C.S. Dorsey.  Here is the interview to go along with the Blog Tour.  Check out the tour below. 

1.      Where do you get your writing inspiration from? I really don't have any inspiration. The character(s) just kind of come to me. I was thinking the idea of writing a book would be nice, but I never really thought that I could actually do it. I told my mom that I wanted to write a book, but she just looking at me like I was crazy. I wrote one page one day and then left it in my word doc file for two days. The all of a sudden this voice just came to me in my head. From then on I just wrote everything that this voice was say. Two and a half months later The Unsacred Gift was complete. So everything I write now the character speaks on their own. I am just the ghost writer for them...LOL!

2.     Did you have to do any research for the book? If so what? I really didn’t have to do much research. The only research I did was finding a park location in the area that had a lake, or river, flowing through the park. This was to set the scene in the beginning of the story. Then I did research on the different kinds of vision a person can experience. I used Google for that which Sissy does as well while she is home for the weekend.

3.     What are you working on now? Right now I am working on edits for my new young adult murder mystery novella called Bloody Rose. I am editing it slow right now. I probably won’t release it till the summer.

4.     What is the hardest part of writing for you? The hardest part of writing for me is having quiet time. I live with my mom and sometimes, honestly, she is like a two year old child (no kidding). Often times I have to running away and hide to get a few moments to myself. I find myself being more productive if I am left alone.

5.     What can readers expect next? Many people ask me all the time is there going to be a sequel to The Unsacred Gift? The answer is not just yet. I am still waiting for that voice to speak to me again.

Bloody Rose will be coming out soon as I stated. I am thinking about doing another trilogy comparable to The Lukos Trilogy I have out now. I cannot seem to let Alejandro and Francesca go. You would have to read the books to know what I am talking about. I have other projects that I am working on as well, so there is more to come.

6.     What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer that question?  The question I would want to be asked in an interview is...If your book was to become a major motion picture who would you get to play the role of Sissy? Honestly there is no one in the movie industry that fits the description of Sissy, so I would want to cast outside if the industry to find someone unique to Sissy looks.

7.     If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?  If I was writing a book about my life the title would be... Drive or Get Off the Road

8.     Who is your favorite author?  I don’t have a favorite author. If a book captures my attention then I am sold. I would say my top author on the list is Lisa Mcmann. I really enjoy her writing style. Her books are not predictable that’s for sure.

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