Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Featured Author......MaryLynn Bast Day 3

Veiled Secrets
About the book:
Seriana Aphenithea, Princess of the Light Realm has been banned. Why? She can’t remember.  She must find her way, and her memories, if she is ever to return home. 
Waking with no memory of who or where she is, Seriana runs for her life when two beings chase her through the forest.  Glowing eyes starts out at her through the darkness.  Sending mental call for help and in response, two wolves emerge.
While protecting her from the hunters who intend to do her harm, one of the wolves becomes fatally injured.  Acting on instinct, Seriana merges her energies with his, saving his life.  Connecting her mentally o the human the wolf shifted into.  Adam and Blake are werewolves.  Surprisingly this does not scare her.  In fact, it triggers the beginning of her memories.  She has been to the earth realm before.
With her no longer allowed to enter her own realm, Seriana must find a way to safeguard her family in the Loxy Realm and on earth.  She has to protect those around her by ensuring no one discovers out her Veiled Secrets.
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  Realm of Secrets
About the book:

Schadoh Aphenithea has always looked up to her older sister and willingly follows in her footsteps, venturing out into the new realm where humans and other strange creatures exist.
Unexpectedly, Schadoh meets Dakota who turns out to be her best friend and protector. With the threat of vampires invading Loxy and Earth, she will need all the help she can get when the portal to her realm is closed. She is forced to remain in the earth realm and live as a human. Something she finds is not quite as easy as it looks from the wall of mists. Schadoh must learn to co-exist in the earth realm while keeping the secret that other realms exist. 

My Review:

As with every other one of Marylynn's books I fell in love with it.  The characters are so easy to relate to and its refreshing to be allowed into a world that seems so real. I don't want to give anything away but will say Shadoh is an amazing character and Realm of Secrets is a wonderful addition to the Heart of a Wolf series. There is something in the book for everyone. Readers will not be disappointed and it will certainly push you to want to read more of the series. I give it 5 of 5 stars. (Of course!)

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