Friday, November 23, 2012

Featured Author.........Jenna Kay Day 5

The latest edition in The Seer Society Series, BROKEN, is now available!

Clarity has a decision to make...
Can she sacrifice one to save many?
Clarity Miller's life has changed dramatically since she met her guardian angel.  She has learned that she's a Seer and now is expected to give up the life she knows and fight demons face-to-face.  But even with all the death and destruction she knows that God has a big plan for her life.
Clarity accepts her calling and now has to use her Seer gifts to help the small town of Garlandton when a Fallen Angel named Livian arrives to play her devious games on the unsuspecting Garlandtonites.

Broken, the second book in The Seer Society Series, will leave you asking one question—What do you believe?*

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*Blurb found on under Jenna Kay.

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