Monday, March 11, 2013

This weeks featured author....John Hundley Day 1

The Red Wolf Novels


Clifford Crane has led a tough life – failed marriages, bankruptcy, drug addiction, and a mind-numbing dead-end job. But he’s made it through, and now he’s a few short years from retirement. He’s looking forward to his golden years, until he meets an ancient Uwharrie Indian shaman, who turns him into a werewolf. She believes Clifford is the red wolf foretold in prophecy, the one who will unite the wolf packs and lead them to victory over the vampires for once and all time. Too bad she doesn’t tell him that before she dies. Now, rescuing beautiful young women from the clutches of the undead has its rewards, but will it pay the rent for the next thousand years?

The Red Wolf Novels depict a world where vampires are only a few generations away from achieving the goal for which the Fae created them more than twelve thousand years ago, the destruction and enslavement of mankind. The only thing that now stands between the Undead and their goal are a few renegade Fae, scattered and isolated packs of werewolves, and a prophecy that promises to unite them.

Books in the series:

The Draculata Nest, published 2011

The Dragon of Doughton Park, published 2012

Red Wolf Rising, scheduled for late 2013

Check back tomorrow to read more about John Hundley and his wonderful series.

GIVEAWAY:  How awesome is this?  John has decided to do a giveaway.  Each comment get an ebook and for the entire week there will be a winner who gets a signed copy of either book. 

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  1. Well, I've been lucky enough to read both of John's books, and as a fellow author, I have to say the man has some serious talent. What are you waiting for people? Start leaving comments because you don't want to miss out on this prize! I know I'd love a signed copy!