Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Authors of Phoenix Day 3

Fall Blurb
Jennifer Latas

Being promoted to project manager is a dream come true for 21 year old Julia Dayle (J.D.) Halstead. And her first project is to convert a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse into a B & B. 

However, an ancient secret hides within the walls of the schoolhouse.  A secret nightmare that could unleash the Furies of Hell and cause a Host of Angels to weep for the loss of one of their own. 

A secret that could scar J.D. for eternity.

Blurb for The Witches’ Secret:
Anna Lovelace

Sweet as pie Macey is a good little girl running her family shop every day. The thing about this witch is she's got a secret, and he's tied up in her basement. Macey enjoys making men squirm and they tend to fear her power and keep their mouth shut. Aidan is different though, and he is going to be hard to break…

The Blurb for Naughty Witches and Deviant Desires:
Paranormal Erotica Author Anna Lovelace joined by Zoey Sweete, the Author of The Draven Witch Series have come together to bring you six sexy stories of Witches Behaving Badly while unleashing their most deviant sexual acts on the hottest of paranormal creatures.
Witches; powerful, sexual, and always getting what they want when they want it. Naughtiness is their game, care to join them for a spell? The Paranormal Realm is home to some of the most wicked creatures, kinkiest witches, deviant demons, and all the others that literally go bump in the night. Within these pages you will join our Naughty Witches on some of their trysts and tantalizing tales, of sex, spells, and dark encounters that will leave you lusting for more…

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