Thursday, March 14, 2013

Featured Author....John Hundley Day 4

Red Wolf Rising:
  We hope to have this available before the end of 2013.

Conceptual cover: this will probably be on the cover, in some form or other

Short Description:
   Sexy young vampiress Danielle has sworn to kill Clifford Crane, and Hell hath no fury like a vampire lover scorned… Unless it’s the Chinese red wolf, Wei, trained from birth in the art of killing as the true Red Wolf of Prophecy, sent now on a mission to assassinate the upstart Crane… Or perhaps a dead lover, Claire Deerfoot, drawn by The Dragon through a portal from the Underworld in an effort to aid the wolves in their struggle against the Undead, who may instead seek to take Clifford back through the portal before his time.

Check back tomorrow to read more about John Hundley and his wonderful series.

GIVEAWAY:  How awesome is this?  John has decided to do a giveaway.  Each comment get an ebook and for the entire week there will be a winner who gets a signed copy of either book.

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