Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Featured Author....John Hundley Day 3

 The Dragon of Doughton Park

Trust issues? You’d have them, too, if the woman you loved turned you into a werewolf and left without revealing you were the one foretold in prophecy to lead the Lycan in a war against Vampires to save mankind. Clifford Crane hopes the powerful Fae known as The Dragon can debunk the prophecy, but the ancient dragon king may be the very one who’ll go to any lengths to see it come true.

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Quick Review:
John has done it again.  The characters are easy to connect to even tho they are of the paranormal type.  Fans will certainly not be disappointed.  Its is a great keep you guessing, can't put it down, sad when it ends read.  A great follow up to The Draculata Nest.  Can't wait to read more from the awesome John Hundley.  I won't give anything away so to find out more you have to head over and read it.

Check back tomorrow to read more about John Hundley and his wonderful series.

GIVEAWAY:  How awesome is this?  John has decided to do a giveaway.  Each comment get an ebook and for the entire week there will be a winner who gets a signed copy of either book.

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