Monday, March 4, 2013

Authors of Pheonix Day 1

Blurb for Through My Eyes by Cindy Franks White

Through My Eyes is a collection of poetry that will show you joy, sorrow, pain, fear, and love. This particular collection, the inspiration was mood; it haunted me, until the words flowed from my fingers to paper. Each poem is an expression, letting my feelings come to life with words, allowing you to take a piece of those feelings as you read. What once was broken, now takes flight, so read the pages, take the journey and fly with each word that has spilled from my lips.

Scarlet Sins

His fangs extend and graze her neck, leaving a trail of blood…he is a creature of the night, one that leaves her longing and lusting for more. Scarlet Sins will allow you a look inside the world of the erotic, and beautiful creatures that crave not only blood, but sex and power. Each story will open your eyes to the sinful tales of how vampires seduce their victims taking their blood and their bodies for their own use…
Bodies entwined in blood soaked sheets, she licks his chest running her tongue to his neck, barely breathing, life slipping…she laughs, she holds power…Scarlet Sins will leave you with a throbbing between your thighs, wishing it was a set of fangs buried deep within.
Join us as we take you into a world of sinister desires and the follow the trail of blood from one page to the next, but don’t worry…they don’t bite…hard….

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