Thursday, February 28, 2013

Featured Author Zoey Sweete Day 4

From the Coming Soon Blood Wrath:

Renee Draven the witch/vampire hybrid sent to save the mortal realm has failed. She has been beaten, bruised, and left for dead. Half of her soul has been torn away with losing her true one and loyal mate William Angelo. Now, she must look inside herself and find the strength to avenge his death, while unleashing her wrath against Demon Queen, Demya; the one who tore him away from her loving arms. But Demya is only one of many demons coming to surface Renee will face. Old Ones will rise, and the King himself will lead them to chaos. Between battling the darkness that is slowly eating away what is left of her sanity, she must somehow survive the greatest battle she has ever faced. Will our heroine rise above the demons that are lurking after her, or will she finally meet her demise? 

Renee looked up and shot Dante backwards through the entrance as she shielded the others. She would not have them die. Renee knew there would be only one way, but was she willingly to take that chance of never returning. She looked at her friends, her family, they would die another day. Renee stood, closing her eyes, heard Tristan scream no but she wouldn’t listen. She tapped into the dark energy every bit she could find, and there it was. That spark. Suddenly, her eyes were yellow, clear membrane wings sprouted from her back, and horns grew from her head, and a scream escaped her lips, Evyn turned and hit her knees, “Dear Lakai, oh my witch, you do have tricks.”
          Renee pulled Evyn towards her wrapping her in the wings as the razor blades went through Renee’s mid-section. She didn’t even recognize the pain, or acknowledge the blood seeping from her gut. The wings seemed to engulf Evyn and desinigrate her. Dargon stood running up ripping the wings from Renee’s back, she screamed as he lifted up and the horns broke from her head with his grip. Renee’s eyes burned yellow and hypnotized him. A triangle formed closing them in, and in a trance like state Dargon hit his knees crumbling under her gaze.
          The loss of blood must have begun affecting her because Renee started losing power and as she did the darkness disappeared and the triangle as well as the Old Ones were gone. Tristan ran to her sliding across on his knees, “Renee, stay, stay with me.” His hands trying to keep her from bleeding.
          Renee put her hand to his cheek, feeling for the first time the burn inside of Tristan, “I love you. Don’t ever forget that.”
          Renee’s body began to glow red and as it did she was lifted into the air and vanished.
          Tristan felt the pain surge through him as the tears fell from his eyes. She was gone. Dante walked over to him, but before he could speak Tristan stood, “We have to get her back.”

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