Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Featured Author Zoey Sweete Day 2

Blood Vengeance


There is an evil rising that wishes to seek havoc….Renee Draven believed her battle was over but her nightmare is just beginning. There is a darkness lurking seeking vengeance; with vengeance comes loss and family secrets will be revealed. Renee will question her lineage and her power; while other Evils play on her doubts she must determine truth from lies. Or will the lies be enough to rip the light from our heroine’s soul? With the past revealed the future holds a shock conclusion. New heroes will be found and new allies will be made…lives will be lost and hearts will be broken…are you ready for the ride to hell and back?

Tristan cocked an eyebrow at the wolf, “Do you all think I am that stupid? I know there is something else going on here, and I will find out. I don’t really give two shits if your pups come out and play, but her family? No, something doesn’t sit right. You may be able to fool others, but I’m not stupid.”
The training doors opened, and Dante chimed in, “Really could have fooled me.”
Tristan stepped nose to nose with him. “What you think you’re bleeding captain thundercock because you got to bite her and get all frisky with her, eh? Well guess what cap, I got to shag our girl, and I bet in the thousands of years you’ve been alive you’ve never made a woman scream the way she did for me.”
That was all it took for Dante to finally lose it. His fangs extended, and he raised his fist knocking Tristan on his backside and into the wall. Tristan sprang up and into action, all his hunter skills on alert, “Oh, you wanna play nancy boy, then let’s have a go, shall we?”
Tristan countering every move Dante threw at him pissed Dante smooth off. Renee wanted to intervene, but was stopped by William, “No, let them get it out of their system.”
Dante finally getting a lick in, busted Tristan’s lip, but Tristan blocked his next move, sweeping his legs out from underneath him. Tristan grabbed him up by the collar throwing him into the wall, it busted as Dante’s large frame hit it. He growled, his eyes glowing black, fangs reaching their full length, and using his speed came up behind Tristan and sank his fangs into his neck.

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