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No Remorse by MaryLynn Bast (Blog Tour Spot)

I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing MaryLynn Bast, the awesome author of No Remorse.  Here is my interview with her as well as a Adam a key character in the book.

Thank you Mary for taking the time to answer a few questions for me.  I am so excited for others to know about such an amazing author.
1.       How did you come up with the Character of Amber?
A friend suggested I enter a short story contest featuring werewolves.  I had always written romance, so I figured I would do a werewolf romance. All werewolf stories I have seen were always centered around men, so I wanted to change it up a bit and decided to go with a female main character instead. I put myself in her shoes and what it would feel like to be in the woods. What would I see, what would I hear? That’s how I started the story. The short story morphed into a novella and just kept growing. I had no idea what I was going to do with her or her character until it just happened.

2.       What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Sharing my work with strangers has been the hardest part for me. No Remorse is the first story I have taken to the end and actually did something with it. Sharing the story with others terrified me that they were going to hate it. But, here I am, the story is done and I’m ready to take on the world now.

3.       What are you working on now?
“Softest Touch” is the next story of the series and is nearly half way completed.  The plan is to release early 2013.
“A Justified Kill” is a novella that is being edited now, which will be going into an anthology to be released August 2012. This story will give the readers more insight to Amber’s life before “No Remorse”. Her first victim is mentioned in the “No Remorse” but does not go into details. I thought her trials and tribulations of being a lone wolf on the run, not knowing when to expect her first change was worth following up on.
“One Bite To Passion” is a story that is currently being beta read. This is not part of the “Heart of a Wolf” Series. This story is a novella that a publisher requested that I write and is an “adult” paranormal romance.

4.       What can a reader expect in the next book in the Heart of a Wolf Series?
“Softest Touch” features new characters that will interact with Amber, Blake and the rest of the pack. Well, I guess I could give you a preview of how the story begins:
Blood trickled into a dark red abyss where the woman sprawled naked on the floor. Enough time had passed that the blood was no longer pouring from her head. The part of her face that was not splattered across the floor and all over the white furniture was turned towards him with the one eye staring blankly, not blinking. The man was a couple feet away on his knees with trails of congealed blood that had trekked a path down his naked torso from the holes in his bare chest. His face frozen in terror, his mouth remained gaping where he had fought to suck in his last breath of air before slumping awkwardly against the cushions of the loveseat, his eyes staring wide at the high ceiling. His hands were hidden behind his back where they had been tied while he knelt on the carpet. 
Six year old Jimmie sat on the floor staring in horror at the gun in his hand. Even though his mind registered the shadows that shifted by the door, the boy could not force his muscles to react. He stared blankly at the horror in front of him. Not moving when the mob of dark clothed shapes swarmed into the room. Off in the distance, there were voices telling him to drop the gun. Still he sat there, frozen in place, not understanding what was happening around him; he stared at the lifeless forms.
     Suddenly, the gun was snatched forcefully from his hands. Jimmie vaguely felt the strong arms that lifted him from the sticky floor and snapped out of the fog that filled his brain and began to struggle. His eyes darted wildly around and he opened his mouth to scream, but no sound would escape. In his mind he shouted at the strange people to get out of his house and leave his family alone. Jimmie was lost in a world of silence and horror.

5.       What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  How would you answer that question?
Who do I make the check out to?  Answer: MaryLynn Bast…
Seriously, I think the question would be:  Sherilynn Kenyon and Christine Feehan have requested you write a story with them…would this be something you would consider doing, if so which one? The answer:  HELL YEAH and why not both?

Thank you Adam, for taking time out of your busy schedule and answering a few questions for me.  

1.       What were your first thoughts of Amber when seeing her again?
Wow, she’s even hotter than she was in school!  If Blake doesn’t jump on that, I’m going to have to give it a shot.

2.       How do you feel about the future of the pack?
Since I have a little insight to what’s going to be happening, I know there are going to be a lot of obstacles along the way. The one thing I can say for sure, we will have to protect the cubs of the pack. Another thing, the council didn’t consent to Blake forming the pack, so there could be some issues with that down the line. Speaking of the council, they are going to have to get their heads on straight because the territories were set a long time ago and apparently there are going to be a lot of disputes.  

3.       Can readers expect to hear more from you and about you in the series?
You think I am going to be left out? No way!  Even though I do tend to get in trouble quite a bit, Blake and Amber still needs me to be around.

4.       Have you found your mate?  Or is that something to come?
No, I have not found my mate yet. You would think with my ability to foresee things I would be able to find her. I thought maybe the sheriff’s daughter might work out, but her daddy didn’t take too kindly to her hooking up with the likes of me. For now, I kind of avoid him when I can. I kind of shy away from being shot at whenever possible.

5.       What is the biggest drawback of the pack connection?
The biggest drawback is the ability to communicate telepathically. Amber has got to learn to control the broadcasting. She has some really uhh hummm, how should I put it? The woman is just damned sexy! And we can’t help it if she broadcast images as well as sound. If she doesn’t control it Blake is going to kill us!  

My Review of No Remorse
No Remorse by MaryLynn Bast {Read April 2012}

No Remorse is Book 1 of the Heart of a Wolf Series by MaryLynn Bast.  The book follows, Amber, a lone werewolf as she finds a mate as well as a pack and finds out who she really is.  Her past comes back full force and she has to quickly realize who she is.  Amber realizes she was never as alone as she once thought.  I fell in love with this book and with a few of the characters.  It was difficult to put down.  MaryLynn quickly put herself on my list of top writers.  It was greatly written and the story line flowed smoothly.  There is twist which can change everything.  This was my first read by MaryLynn Bast and I can happily say it will not be my last.  I look forward to the second book and more from her.  I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars. 

*This book does contain adult material.

Now For The Giveaway!!

Below are the rules for the giveaway as well as the dates and location for No Remorse blog tour.
No Remorse Blog Tour Giveaway Contest Rules:
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  1. Thanks for have me with you today Mary. I enjoyed the interview with Adam. Everyone keeps asking about Adam...and yes, he will be in Softest Touch, book two of the series. Adam will have his own novel. I am taking my time with him because I want his character to be fabulous!


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    I've always thought werewolves were an interesting paranormal creature and there are so many different ways you can portray them!

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  5. What I always find interesting is how even in the paranormal kingdoms, in this instance werewolves, there are power play politics. That is a basic theme, it seems of humanity and spirits and mystical beings. Who controls, who rules, who dominates, who leads. Regardless, we cannot get around this. A fact of existence.
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  6. Loved the interview!!! Was both entertaining and informative, cant wait to see more of Adam in the future.

  7. Goldensylph,
    In all realms there will always be politics along with the fight for power and domination. It's how you write the characters to face those situations that make it interesting. :)

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