Monday, October 7, 2013

Michael Chulsky!!

by Michael Chulsky

After going from demon hunter to babysitter, seventeen-year-old SHADOW has truly hit rock bottom. One week he’s slaughtering demons, and the next he has ten super-powered teenagers in his care. Shadow needs them, because without them he can’t hope to defeat his new foe. But he’s never dealt with other teenagers before. He never had a real childhood. He’s always been a loner. Hell, he’s tried the whole having-a-pet thing. It died.

Shadow’s mission: save the world and ensure his entire team survives the potential apocalypse. If MAEDARA, self-proclaimed fashionista and Queen of Evil, wasn’t trying to rule the world, it’d be cake. Now, not only does Shadow have to deal with teens more concerned with going to the mall than fighting evil, but also a villain who, in his opinion, makes Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa. 

Author Bio:

Michael Chulsky grew up in New Jersey and has been writing ever since his fourth grade teacher let him create a class newspaper to channel his creativity. He is the author of The Descending Darkness and currently lives with his fiancĂ©. When not writing he enjoys browsing Tumblr, listening to music, and devouring every piece of cheesecake that falls into his line of sight.  

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A Quick Chat:
Let’s talk about villains.
I don’t think that I watched TV shows the same as most people. I was the kid who, more often than not, wanted the villain to win. I just always found them more complex and thought provoking than the main characters the writers intended us to root for.
One of my favorite series happens to be Power Rangers. If you haven’t watched it, it’s on Netflix. Stop reading and check it out. :P In all seriousness, I loved the earlier seasons because they had some pretty memorable villains. Some of the ones that really stood out to me are: Rita Repulsa, Divatox, and Astronema. They had everything that I loved in a villain. They were evil, intimidating, fierce, and silly. Everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy a silly villain. They make their medium more enjoyable because they make you like them and you’re stuck wishing they don’t get killed by the heroes in the end. That’s what I aimed for with Maedara. I wanted to create a villain that people would love to hate and hate to love.
Maedara is fierce and fabulous. She loves fashion, glamour, and all things of that nature. If you were to look up “diva” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of her; probably with a human heart in one hand – a pair of shoes in the other.
I think that some people might not understand the science behind Maedara. It’s true that I camped her up a bit because hey, its fantasy. But, it’s important to understand that there actually are people in the world like her. No, I don’t just mean serial killers – everyday people. Maybe you even call them friends and/or family. And maybe they’re good for a laugh every now and then. These are the people who do what they want and don’t give a damn about your feelings or anybody else’s. They only care about their wants and their needs. It’s crucial to discover who these people in your life are before they drag you down.

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