Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vivien Sparx's THE DEVIL'S TOUCH

The Devil's Touch

Lucien Lance - a ruthless, relentless corporate raider. A man known for his single minded determination and his uncompromising thirst for money and power. A man so fearsome they had a name for him on Wall Street. 
When young Angelica meets Lucien at a business function she quickly discovers just how dangerous and sexy Lucien is, as he seduces her into an erotic world of dominance and submission using a mysterious pleasure technique called the 'Devil's Touch'.
But Lucien's hunger for wealth and control comes with a cost... and Angelica must decide how much she is willing to risk to earn the chance of love. 


They were barely inside the door before Lucien forced Angelica up against the entryway hall.
One of his hands circled her throat, compelling her chin to lift, making her mouth vulnerable to his, and he took her lips with a smoldering hunger, crushing himself against her.
His tongue thrust deep inside her mouth like a stabbing spear and Angelica felt pinned; helpless. Hot flames flickered through her body as his tongue probed. She threw her arms around his
neck, twisting her fingers into his hair, her hips writhing under the insistent press of him.
He reached down between their bodies with his free hand and found the hem of her skirt then tugged it up towards her waist, exposing her silken thighs inch by inch. He could feel the heat of her femininity as his hand drew closer; as the skirt was lifted higher.
Angelica moaned. Her hips began to buck against him. She felt Lucien’s fingers tighten around her throat and she closed her eyes and cried out, “Yes! God yes!”
Lucien growled, the sound like a rumble of thunder close in her ear. His grip around her throat inched tighter and she took her hands from around his neck and clutched his wrist to encourage him.
Suddenly, the full force of submission was exploding visions of unimaginable erotica in the dark recesses of Angelica’s mind. Feeling Lucien pressed so heavily against her, the constricting grip of his hand around her throat and the tantalizing reach of his fingers between her thighs, was igniting deep parts of her psyche. They were places she never knew existed; thoughts and sensations so shockingly arousing – a part of her soul revealed.
Finally Lucien’s fingers found the slick damp heat of her sex. He cupped her in his hand and she ground herself against him, wanton and wild. 

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