Friday, May 17, 2013

Belinda Boring's COVER REVEAL!!!!!

Yea, I'm a little excited!  Here it is!!!

Loving Liberty
"What would she risk for freedom?"
Belinda Boring
New Adult Contemporary Romance


“Ready?” he asked, aware I was checking him out and enjoying it the attention. His hand beckoned me to approach, and I let out a soft sigh. He stepped away from the table, waiting for me to stand in front of him, my back to his front. “I’m going to have you break, okay?” He moved in closer, and I prayed my legs wouldn't give. I could feel every inch of him pressed against me.
“Okay,” I stammered. Oliver chuckled low in my ear and I tried not to shiver. Bending me forward with his body, he showed me how to position the pool stick, his arm alongside mine. We fit perfectly.
“Still with me, Liberty?” he asked. I didn't want to move. We were so connected, the position so intimate, I was sure I was ready to combust on the spot. Andrew had tried holding me this close and it had made my skin crawl. It was the complete opposite with Oliver. This made me feel wanton. Reckless.
“Uh huh.” It was the only way I could respond.
“It’s just you need to keep breathing, sweetheart.” His use of that endearment made my insides melt. “Be brave.”

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