Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blog Spot for Meaka Kyel

"Get on with it!" Max paled.
The shop shook with a sudden burst of lightning and the ensuing thunder.
The man looked up to the ceiling. "Your mother knows I'm talking to you. She's very upset. Max, please. You need to hide."

Freak storms, changing climates... they're all proof that global warming is starting to change our planet. It was only a matter of time before Mother Nature got upset with the damage we were causing. What we never could have anticipated, was how she was planning to get rid of her problem.

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 I opened my eyes and stretched then blinked. What the hell? I glanced around and tried to figure out which room I was in. It looked like my room. I frowned. When had I painted it red? I hated red. I glanced down at my comforter. Red. I rubbed my hands over my face and quickly pulled them away, wet and slick. My heart kicked in my chest and I glanced around the room again. The paint wasn’t dry, so why was I sitting in the room? My stomach heaved at the familiar smell that suddenly overwhelmed me. That wasn’t paint. I stumbled out of bed and tripped on something large on the floor, my scream echoing in the room as I turned to see what it was.
Maxy lay on the floor in a pool of dark blood, his eyes staring, lifeless, into mine. There wasn’t a part of his body that didn’t have damage to it. His eyes had been gouged out, most of the skin on his face had been ripped away.
“Max?” My whisper stuck in my throat and a sob raked through me. “Maxy.”
I started to crawl backwards and stopped short as my hand fell on something else behind me. I closed my eyes and turned, scared to look. I took a deep breath and forced myself to see what I had touched.
“No. Oh, god, please no.” Johnny lay on his stomach, his face turned away from me, his hair black with blood.
A whimper startled me and I jumped to my feet. Marie had plastered herself into the far corner of my room, little Ashley shielded in her arms. Pete lay at her feet, his chest ripped apart.
“Marie!” I took a step toward her and paused at her scream. “Marie, we have to leave!” I started to move again then froze. There was nothing quite like the sound of a rifle being loaded.
“Don’t do it Gabby.” Lane’s voice shook.
I turned slowly, shocked by the mix of emotions in his words. Anger, fear, complete devastation.
He was covered in blood and bruises, he had a cut under his left eye, and his lip was split. The gun was aimed at me. He blinked and the tears left streaks down his cheeks.
“Lane, what happened?”
He shook his head and swallowed hard. I caught some movement in the mirror and my stomach heaved. It took a second to register that the woman looking back at me was me. My hair clung in mats, my clothes were ripped, and I was covered in blood. I looked myself in the eyes and doubled over to throw up a thick stream of red.
“No, no, no, no…” I shook my head and leaned against the wall.
Lane choked on a sob as my yellow eyes met his.
“I’m sorry, Gabby.”
He pulled the trigger and I screamed and jerked in pain. My face hit the floor with an amazing smack and everything started to go black.

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