Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blog Tour Spot....The Realm Between Heaven & Hell by J.S. Turner

The Realm Between Heaven & Hell 
by J.S. Turner

On earth, life for Dawn Chitoe had been cruel. Although she was strong in her faith, her future looked grim. She found her blessings to be painfully short and too few in between. Until one day, a beautiful baby boy, Josiah, miraculously came into her world.
Just when Dawn felt her troubles had vanished, she found herself the victim of a brutal murder. With Josiah cradled in her arms, she embarked on an adventure through the realm between Heaven and Hell. Along the way she finds friends, love, and the truth about religion and faith.

When he hit, he hit hard.  He knew better than to hit her face.  He used her body for a punching bag.  One hit after the other, until sweat beads dripped off his nose. 
            “If yew eva,” he said with another swift kick to her stomach, “eva lie to me again . . .”  He came down on one knee to meet her on the floor, and with his rough hand pushed her hair, wet with tears, off her face.  He looked deep into her scared eyes.  “. . . I swear to yew…”  His red hair was wet with sweat and laid heavy on his head and his green eyes searched her face for another reason to hit her.   Dawn lay paralyzed, afraid to move, afraid to breathe, silently praying for the beating to be over with.  He grabbed her hair into a tight fist and pressed her head deep into the carpet, “I’ll kill ya!“
            He caressed her face and kissed her gently on the forehead before getting up.  He towered over her crippled body, watching her for a few seconds.  She knew better than to speak.  She knew better than to whine or sniffle. 
Just lie still, she told herself.  You did a great job.  He will be gone in a minute.
            While putting on his jean jacket, he checked his square face in the mirror and ran his fingers through his damp crimson hair.  He turned as he reached for the doorknob. 
“When I get back, this mess better be cleaned up.”  He opened the door and closed it silently behind him.  Dawn lay soundless on the carpet as she listened to his heavy boots make their way down the porch steps.  She lay dormant and waited to hear him fire up the engine to his black, souped-up, ’64 Chevy Short Bed.  She stayed still until she could no longer hear the pounding of his muffler.  Once everything was quiet, she took a deep breath and yowled in pain.  She rolled into the fetal position, hands holding her ribs.  Through stifling sobs, she began to search for her phone.  It lay only two feet away from her on the carpet, next to the broken coffee table.
            Reaching for the phone was almost as painful as the beating itself.  It would be easier to die she thought as she stretched her right arm over her head.  Her forearm cracked loudly as her fingers used the loops in the carpet to creep her body closer.  She screamed in agony.  With a broken arm, she managed to grab the phone and pull it close to her.  She paused for a moment before dialing.
“If yew ever call the police, I’ll kill yew!”  She heard his words as though he were right there, spitting them in her face. 
“I wish you would,” she whispered before dialing 9-1-1. 
            This was the first time Dawn had ever called 9-1-1.  As she lay there in a pool of tears, waiting for the ambulance to come, she wondered what had ever taken her so long.

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