Monday, December 23, 2013

'From Prisoner of War to Artist: This is His Story as I Know It' By Corinne B. Trepanier Blog Tour

Book Info:
Title: From Prisoner of War to Artist: This is His Story as I Know It
Author: Corinne B. Trepanier
Book blurb:
Otto Donau was a bigger-than-life character to me who lived in a completely different time than we do. A century ago, he was twenty-four years old. Although I never met him, I am drawn to him like no one else before. There is an unexplainable connection I feel between him and me that with words I cannot explain. This book is about his life and the way he lived it. It is told through stories passed down from generation to generation. I want those who read my words to be able to feel and see his life as I see it. I wish for him to never be forgotten.

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Excerpt #1:

Otto knew those mountains like the back of his hand and had given them the perfect route of escape. Now they just had to make the decision to take his advice and make that trek through the mountains. He paced the floors for hours and hours, worried and anxious for those prisoners to make their decision and leave. Soon he would hear the gunshots and his heart would fall. He knew exactly what it was that he had heard. The execution of the Russian prisoners had come to pass and he was angered and saddened at the same time…. No one ever knew that it was he whom had given the prisoners the means of escape for if anyone had found out; he would surely be the next to be executed.

About the Author:
Corinne is a girl that's lived all over the world having been an Air force brat. She lives in a small town in Wisconsin with her husband and five furry children. She started writing so that she can give the world the story of her Grandfather and the interesting life he lived. She tells his story now so that he may live on in print.

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