Monday, November 4, 2013

C.N. Pinckard's 'Arising from Darkness' Blog Tour

Title: Arising from Darkness  
The Riftrider’s Return Series Book 1
Author: C.N. Pinckard
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: November 2, 2013

Always questioning the man who called himself her father, Meranda, had enough of torment and ran. Fueled by fear and knowledge that King Ledric was in the kingdom, the further she ran. With her goal in reach, death stalked her. Her father behind the ultimate betrayal. With Meranda's life pending, she would need the help of her dear friend Erissa, and a man on the run, Gavid.  With Treidon, a handsome forest elf, aiding her, he would investigate what measures had been taken to kill her and the power behind it. If her punishment had not been enough, a cruel mental toruture and torment was what lie ahead for Meranda. With the handsome elf by her side she would be safe.  While away, Gavid, begins a war, with the help of orcs and goblins. Taking over the kingdom, he plans to take control, but Lord Siebrien, an Elven man, stands in his way, wanting all control over Beris.  With Meranda awake and alive, her training must begin. She makes her way to Treidon. She will travel to Elmwick, home of the riftriders, and prepare to stop Siebrien and Gavid from taking over the realm.

Where can you find it?

About the author:
CN Pinckard is a wife and the mother of two.  She created the realm of Siella with the hope that people who are having a hard day can relax and unwind in the story, and forget all of their cares for even a moment. C.N. has enjoyed writing since she was 19 years of age, but never had the gumption to show any of her writings to anyone. She finally caught a break when she gathered up enough nerve and shared her work. Now many people can see the world of Siella that her imagination has been bringing to life.
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