Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vivien Sparx's Her Master's Kiss Set ON SALE!!!!!

‘Her Master’s Kiss’ by erotic romance author, Vivien Sparx, has over 250 reader reviews on Amazon – a sure sign the story is a bestseller, and one that is loved by tens-of-thousands of readers.

“Book is Amazing!! It will get you hooked from the first word!! If you liked 50 shades you will no be disappointed with these books at all!! Much more real life and much more believable as well. If your interested in the sub/dom lifestyle this would help you understand a little bit better what might be expected from you...”

‘Her Master’s Kiss’ is a sexy, steamy erotic romance that draws the reader into the very real, very convincing world, of submission and domination.
One of the unique aspects of Vivien Sparx’s story, is the way she outlines the progress of the romance between the two main characters through a series of daily ‘lessons’. Each day the story’s heroine attends submissive training, she is taught another important lesson that is instructive, entertaining, and informative for those of us who are keen to learn all we can about the world of BDSM.

“Her Master’s Kiss is the 3rd story I have read from Vixen Sparx & they just keep getting better. HMK was a couldn't put down read for me. Vixen was able to take me on a journey right to the very end building the sexual tension right till almost the last page. She is a very talented writer of exotic fiction I know I am hooked & look forward to reading lots more from her.”

So compelling is Sparx’s story, weaving BDSM detail with erotic romance, that the original ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ has since led to three bestselling sequels in the series, with rumours that a fifth and final installment will be published before the end of 2013.

“Wow!!! My stomach bottomed out during "the kiss" and tears rolled when he caught up to her in the rain!! This is a MUST READ!!!! I can't say enough about this author's books!! Every one of them is BRILLIANTLY written!!!”

If you are looking for quality writing and convincing story-telling, without graphic, profane language, this story is highly recommended.
‘Her Master’s Kiss’ and the three sequels to the bestselling erotic romance series are all available for download right now exclusively through Amazon.

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