Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Release Day!!!!

A missing woman feared dead, and her sister desperate to find her. How can Jack Stone refuse?
Called to California Stone discovers the sordid secrets of Heston's Cove and the dangerous man who deals in women, sex and slavery.

Vivien on Jack:
When I first started thinking about JACK STONE, my model for his character was based on UK actor Sean Bean (star of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones). I had just watched a telemovie where Sean Bean played a character named Richard Sharpe. Sharpe is the creation of Bernard Cornwell and is the hero of his Napoleonic war books. I imagined a younger Sean Bean as the template for JACK STONE and then actually had him written as a WW1 fighter pilot. After 15,000 words the story wasn't working so I moved my character to present day, transported him to America, and called him Jack!
That's how JACK STONE first came to life when I sat down to start writing WILD JUSTICE.
I have never before told anyone that Sean Bean was the man I visualised, because I wanted everyone to picture Jack as their perfect hero rather than be influenced by me.
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