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The Cult of Koo Kway will be available on Sept. 18th.
My Review:
The Cult of Koo Kway by Jay Mims
This is the second book in the series.  I was anxious to read more about Dan.  He is a very likeable character.  Without saying to much as a reading with book two you will definitely not be disappointed.  The book gives a great mix of past and present so a reading wouldn’t be completely out of the loop if they missed book one.  I would recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading more about Dan.   (Review for book one below)


1.        Where do you get your writing inspiration from?
I think inspiration comes from a lot of places. The character of Dan Landis was actually from a short film that I wrote and directed, and for some reason Dan stuck around. I always feel like a major source of inspiration is from the character. Character or story, I suppose, are just the fountains from which inspiration flows. For instance, I came up with the title “Dan Landis and the Cult of Koo Kway” LONG before I wrote the book that was eventually just “Cult of Koo Kway”. Somehow that translated into having the femme fatale be an awkward art nerd, escaping handcuffed, and a unique encounter with the Gullah people. And that kids, was how I met your Mother. No, wait, inspiration. That was how I met inspiration.
2.       Did you have to do any research for your books? If so what?
I did quite a bit of research into the Gullah people, art, masonry, car crashes, gun handling, and cricket. I don’t know if the research shows as often as I would like, because honestly I didn’t want the characters to just be little spouts of exposition. As a writer, it’s important to know the things that your characters are supposed to know, but it bothers me when two people start telling each other stuff they already know. So, yes I did do a ton of research for “Cult of Koo Kway”, and quite a bit for “Five Santas” as well. But, “Five Santas” was a feel good Christmas book. The most important research I did for that was the forensic side.
3.       What are you working on now?
I’m actually working on the next book in this mystery series “The Gray Ghost Inn”. It’s a twist on the traditional cozy murder set in a little Inn. There’s a body, obviously, there’s a full house worth of suspects, and obviously everyone’s favorite detective Dan Landis will have to solve the crime. But, this book also picks up where “Cult of Koo Kway” left off, and continues threads in both previous books. Of course, I’m trying to write in such a way that you don’t have to have read either book prior. Hopefully, “Cult” is the same way.
4.       What is the hardest part of writing for you?
I have the worst sense of discipline, so the hardest part of writing is just in the doing it. Every day, day in and out. I have always admired TV writers, because they have such a hectic schedule and grind, and must always come up with something fresh and new. But, I try to keep cranking down on the grindstone, working that writing magic.
5.       What can readers expect next?
There will be four books in the “Oncoming Storm” quartet: Five Santas, Cult of Koo Kway, Gray Ghost Inn, and the final book will be “Racing the Storm”. I hope to continue writing Dan Landis mysteries as long as people read them, and already have the basic plot sketches for at least a few more books.
6.       What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer that question?
No one ever asks “What’s the scariest thing about writing?” And I’ll give you the answer, because it’s something that I lie awake at night wondering about: Slash fiction. I know it’s coming, I know it’s going to be epic, and I hope that the fan fiction writers will at least be kind. And remember that Doc Brown always uses people’s full names.
7.       If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?
Mimsing It Up
8.       Who is your favorite author?
Terry Pratchett. I absolutely love that dude, and will unabashedly admit that “Thud”, “Reaper Man”, “Night Watch” and “Hogfather” are books that made me cry. Manly tears, but tears nonetheless. Plus, the idea of Death dressing up as Santa is, admittedly, hilarious. Also “THIS IS NOT MY COW!!!”

My Review of Book 1:

The Five Santas by Jay Mims
The title should definitely have you checking to see what this book is about.  The first few pages will grab you in.    Dan Landis is a hilarious, quirky, rough private investigator, who has some hilarious one liners.  I love a book with a great twist and different angles that keep you reading.   It was hard to put down and I was certainly glad I had a copy of book 2 waiting.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and best of luck to all contestants!

  2. I've always thought being a TV writer would be fun. I imagine it with a group of cool, funny people and we hang out all day and goof off and call it work. I know that's probably not reality...but I like the fantasy.